Divergent (movie)



The movie version of Divergent was a very good movie that mostly stuck to the book. It is very well cast with Shailene Woodley as Tris, the protagonist and Theo James as the love interest, Four. When Tris finds out that she is divergent and chooses to hide in dauntless (faction based on the idea that war is started by cowards) she meets her instructor, Four and has to pass a sort of physical and psychological test to stay in dauntless and not become factionless (basically homeless). In the physical part she has to fight against other initiates until one cant get up. In the psychological section she gets hooked up to machine that simulates her worst fears.


there are not many mistakes I this film. One of them I that Tris actually has six fears that appear I every fearscape (like they do in the last one) not just one or two. The other problem is that the director decided to cut out two major characters that were dauntless born initiates. One of these is called Uriah who features all the way to the third book (allegiant)


I would give this movie a 17/20


honest trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qPUZo3dQSEM

everything wrong with divergent:


amusing grammar mistakes:


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