Guardians of the galaxy (movie)

guardiens of the galaxy


This is yet another of the stream of good films that Marvel Studios have been producing. When most people hear Marvel they either think “Thor”, “Avengers” or “X-men”. this is a very different group of heroes. this did not change anything, it is still one of the most popular films of it’s year. after Quinn-our protagonist (acted by Chris Pratt)-gets abducted by aliens and stays with them for an odd 20 years or so his adventure begins. a few action-filled events happen to make this team of galactic villains team up and save the universe. the group includes a talking tree called Groot (acted by Van Diesel)  an alien called Gamora-who Quinn is rather attracted to-(acted by Zoe Saldana) a talking racoon that goes by the name of rocket racoon (acted by Bradley Cooper) and a hulking alien called Drax (Dave Bautista)


In the honest trailer it points out what i am going to say here; there is a scene near the end where the guardians of the galaxy all link hands to share out the power of the stone and survive but in another scene it shows a group of people that try that and they all die anyway. also in the scene where the collectionist’s alien girl maid thing grabs the stone she dies but when Roland the accuser does this he just goes a little purple where he is holding it.


Artistic Impression: 🌟🌟🌟🌟




honest trailer:


everything wrong with guardians of the galaxy (watch it to the very end):




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