starting this blog

This will be a blog in which you can read reviews about books, films and graphic novels. Every review will be split into four parts; praises, problems, points and panda. In Praises I will write about my overall view of the book/film, explain the plot and say what type of people would like it. In problems I will write about the problems in the book/film. In Points I will rate the book out of 20, 20 being the best book I have ever read and 0 being don’t waste your time. The Panda section will be random other bits and bobs like recommended videos to do with the book/film and a funny grammar problem from the internet. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I will attempt to answer them. I hope you will enjoy and maybe even follow this blog. if you want to exercise your spanish skills visit my friend’s blog: La estancia de Beorn


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