The dark tower: The Gunslinger



this is the first book of the Dark Tower series by the world renowned author Stephen King. It is not a horror (like his other works) but a book about a sort of cowboy in a world much like the stereotypical wild west. This world is related to ours in an odd sort of way. There was once a time on this world called the age of the golden ones in which they had machinery and technology very much like our own. Roland, our protagonist, is on a sort of personal quest to reach ‘the dark tower’, nobody knows what it is but he is determined to find it. In this persuit he must follow a man called ‘the man in black’ in order to get to the dark tower. On his way he meets a man to whom he tells a story of his travels. After this he meats a young boy called Jake who accompanies Roland on his quest. This book is based on a poem: Childe Roland to the dark tower came.

PROBLEMS: There aren’t really any problems with this book because it I not based on anything and it is set on a world with no logic like ours.


I would give this an 16/20 because I is a little slow. Don’t let this stop you because it is the beginning of a very good series of books.


trailer for unmade movie:

funny grammar mistake:


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