Insurgent (movie)


this film that only came out last week is a great sequel to the movie adaptation of Divergent. Still staring Shailene Woodley and Theo James as our protagonists Tris and Four. I think that the best thing about this movie was the awesome special effects in the serum induced hallucinations. The basic plot of this movie is this: After the end of the first movie (divergent) our protagonists find themselves hiding in amongst amity (a faction based on kindness). A group of soldiers controlled by the now corrupt government come to capture them. This causes them to come in contact with the factionless. While seeking sanction amongst the factionless they stumble upon a slight problem; unless Tris turns herself in to the faction of Erudite (intelligence) three people will die each day. When she does eventually do this she has to pass a series of tests in order to open a box that holds a message from the founders. This is when the special effects that I was talking about come in. This is definitely a film for anyone that likes action films or sci-fi films such as inception or the hunger games. One thing that I was very happy with was that they decided to include Uriah in this film (you may have read about his absence in my other post-divergent)


There are obviously some lapses in the plot in order to make sure that the movie was a reasonable length and to make it more exciting. There are some of these like the fact that Caleb stayed in factionless instead of going to erudite and it wasn’t 200 years ago that the experiment was established in the book but it was still a very good movie. There was one thing that really annoyed me. This was when she was in the test chamber she tried to shoot Janine through the bulletproof glass when she could have just walked out the door and shot her then.


I saw this movie in the cinema so that would have increased the quality of my experience by a bit but I will give this film a 19.5/20 (you may not enjoy it as much if you haven’t read the books)



I don’t know many more good videos on Insurgent because it has only recently come out.

Faction aptitude test:

grammar mistake: 

apart from tattoos.


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