World war z (movie)


This is pretty much the best zombie apocalypse movie I have ever seen. This I probably because it is not focused on zombie gore and more on actual plot of stopping the zombies. Starring Brad Pitt as an exFBI agent who is called in because he is the best agent they’ve ever had. However, he has another thing on his mind; his family. After some pretty awesome action scenes with a lot of zombies and some that are eerily silent. The whole family gets put on a safe boat that the zombies can’t get to. The character played by Brad Pitt (Jerry) is flown off to Korea to find the root of the zombie disease. This leads to another plane flight to Israel (where they have been building walls for thousands of years for just such an occasion. This is where the cover photo for this post happens. (the zombies are climbing over the wall). When Jerry stumbles upon a place that is researching the zombie virus they must go into a part of the lab that is filled with zombies in order to inject themselves with the sort of cure.


in the very last bit when they have to go into wing b that happened to be the only part of the research centre that had zombies in they didn’t take Jerry’s phone or the walkie-talkies. They also sent him in without telling him which diseases had a cure and which ones didn’t.


I am not a big fan of zombie movies but this one was quite good, so I’ll give it a 16/20


honest trailer:


everything wrong with world war z:–a2XxMY

funny grammar mistake:


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