Terminator: Judgment day (movie)


this is, in many peoples opinion, the best film of the terminator series. I am not saying that the rest of the series is not good (apart from salvation) but this outdid the other movies by far. Directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger this is an action packed, humour filled, slightly confusing, intense film. In the first movie we find out that in the future there is a rather large and dangerous group of robots (called skynet) that have all but taken over earth. One of the androids (the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger plays) is sent back in time to kill the mother of the main resistance leader. A human (who is one of the resistances younger recruits) is sent back as well in order to protect her. He also has a child with her who I the future leader (let that screw with your mind for a bit). In the second movie John Connor (the resistance leader) resets the android that is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger to go back I time and rescue both John and Sarah Connor (the mother) from a new terminator. (this is set later I time than the original movie). When Arnold/the T-800 goes back he can be completely controlled by John and has to abide by his every word. John and the T-800 then go to get Sarah. They find her in the mental asylum that she has been put in after claiming to be able to see the future and saying that A.I.s will take over. She freaks out when she sees him (understandably) but eventually cooperates. They then go on a sort of adventure, escaping the new terminator. The new terminator is basically impossible to kill because he I made out of a sort of molten metal (very much like the newest terminator that I in the new movie: Terminator Genisys.


may 12th 1984 was mentioned in the film as a Thursday when I was actually a saturday. Apart from this I don’t remember much because I watched a long time ago.


I give this awesome film a 18.5/20


there is none of the usual things that I usually put under panda so I will just put the trailer: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eajuMYNYtuY

grammar mistake:


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