The Watchmen (graphic novel)


this is a very good graphic novel but I is a bit confusing if you haven’t already read some some comics about them. It is set after the watchmen have disbanded and are now middle-aged. (apart from doctor Manhattan because he doesn’t age). The only one still crime fighting is Rorschach (shown as cover photo). Dr. Manhattan is working for the government as an engineer with Ms Juspeczyk (silk spectre’s daughter), the comedian is murdered in the first two pages and nite owl is living a normal life. This book is one of the most successful and important graphic novels ever written (along with Maus and the dark night returns). Written by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons this book explains the backstory of Dr Manhattan and Rorschach. I cannot explain the plot of this in detail without spoiling the extreme plot twist at the end but here is the most basic part: The comedian is murdered, Dr Manhattan is convicted of a crime and Rorschach is captured by the police. Nite owl and the new silk spectre think there is a mask killer but Ozymandias doesn’t. They brake Rorschach out of jail and Dr Manhattan comes back from mars (where he was seeking refuge). Rorschach and nite owl then go to warn Ozymandias and ask him some questions but they get a rather large surprise. By the way Ozymandias also has a really awesome genetically modified cat.


I don’t know enough about the watchmen to point out any mistakes but I don’t like Dr Manhattan because he is too overpowered.


I give this a 15/20 but I think that if I knew more about the watchmen I would have liked it more. My favourite character was Rorschach (but only as Rorschach not as himself)


trailer for the movie adaptation:

If you liked this post or the graphic novel check out the film adaptation:



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