Anchorman 1 (movie)


This film is surprisingly good, considering its storyline. Apart from that it is incredibly sexist and stupid. There were some good characters like Brick but they were also very silly. Many people say it has a very male humour. (I am male and I didn’t think it was very good). However; if you enjoyed ted (the movie) then you would enjoy this. It is about San Diego’s lead anchorman on the six o’clock news. When the six o’clock news team gets to number one on the most watched TV show a rivalry between the news team arises. A new members of the news team appears in order to become lead anchorman (or anchorwoman). The rivalry of the news teams gets a bit extreme as does the one of the anchorman (Ron Burgundy) and the wannabe anchorwoman.


seeing that this film is a comedy that bases it’s humour on unrealistic and stupid things it can’t really have any mistakes.


I give this a 9/20



trailer for anchorman 2:

grammar is important:


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