Hunger games trilogy (books)


these were some pretty amazing books with some pretty amazing movie adaptations. Both the books and the films peaked with the second installment (in my opinion). The third book was my least favourite but considering the quality of the recently released first half I have hope for the second part. The movies were actually very well cast with Jenifer Lawrence as our loveable but insecure protagonist, Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. In this post I will do a very brief plot summary because I am attempting to fit three whole books into one post; Katniss I a member of the population of district 12 (this district produces coal for the capitol). Every year the capitol hosts a child murdering competition called the hunger games. They take two children from each faction-a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18. Katniss’ sister gets chosen but Katniss volunteers to take her place. She then goes to the hunger games a falls in love with the boy that was also selected for the games (Peeta). Of course they both survive the hunger games and that is the end of the first book. At the beginning of the second book you find out that it is a ‘quarter quell’. This is a special hunger games held every 15 years. Katniss is selected again but all of the candidates formulate a plan to escape and do this. Second book done. In the third book you find out that district 12 has been bombed and no longer exists. All of the people le that survived are hiding in district 13 (a district that was supposedly destroyed a long time ago. A big war starts between the districts and the capitol. Prim I killed by a bomb that Gail designed that exploded once and then waited for the nurses and doctors to go to help the wounded and then explodes and kills them. Katniss now hates Gail and the love triangle that used to exist with Katniss Peeta and Gail is destroyed. There is a big time leap until Katniss and Peeta have had kids and are living happily ever after.


why did it take 75 years for there to be a riot about the hunger games. Why is I always America that is the last country to exist after and apocalypse.


these are different for each book so I will rate them separately and then as a series: Hunger games = 18/20

. Catching fire = 19/20

. mocking jay = 15/20

. series = 18/20


honest trailers (in order):

trailers (in order):

amusing grammar mistake:


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