Rivers of london (book)



This amazing book is the first of a series written by Ben Aaronovich (who will be at london film and comic con in june). Written in first person, this is one of the best books I have ever read. It is up in my top ten favourite books with artemis fowl (an old favourite) and divergent (witch you can read one of my previous blog posts on). Perfect for lovers of the Percy Jackson series or Niel Gaiman’s Neverwhere.


Starring the slightly awkward but loveable Constable Peter Grant as our protagonist and an Inspector nightingale as his mentor this book starts with Peter and his unresponsive love interest on duty as trainee police officers at a muder scene. when Leslie (the love interest) goes to get some coffee, Peter (who is not yet a constable)  has a rather surprising encounter with a ghost. the ghost (who goes by the name of Nick Nicholson) gives him a full acount of the murder with a bit more information than the cctv footage provides. this encounter sets him of on an adventure featuring magic, vampires, river goddesses, and lots of wasted phones.


seeing as this is a book about magic you can’t really say any of it is “factually wrong”.


i am going to give this book an astonishing 20/20




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