Interstellar (movie)



This is another of Christopher Nolan’s incredible masterpieces (along with the dark knight trilogy, inception and the lesser known, but still amazing, the prestige). with an incredibly mind blowing plot that is extremely confusing unless you have a fairly good knowledge of the theoretical side of physics and a fairly good head for maths. starring Matthew McConaughey as our mumbling, texan protagonist and Anne Hathawayas another lead character. it also stars Micheal Caine as a professor. any lovers of the Tom cruise film, oblivion (which was rescently added to netflix) would love this film.


it is hard to explain the plot without ruining the whole film but i will try my best: an ex-NASA pilot called Cooper and his two children are living in the middle of the country side in Texas. It is in an almost post-apocoliptic state, with dust settling everywhere within seconds. When Cooper’s daughter’s bookcase starts acting up, Cooper findsa secret base where NASA has it’s base (this is because officially, NASA doesn’t exist). he is then faced with the challange of going through a wormhole and finding a new home for the human race. this leads him into a time-bending, physics-twisting, mind-hurting adventure.


i think it would take soemone with an A-Level in physics to even figure out what is happening in this film so i doubt i could find even the slightest problem with it (they even hired a team of people just to check that all of the physics was OK and made full sense.


i am going to give this amazing film a 18.5/20.


honest trailer:



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