Ex_Machina was an incredible film starring  Oscar Isaac as a character called Nathan who has made an AI (or several of them as you come to find out). he employs a young coder called Caleb to be the human element in the turing test. the AI that he has come to test is called AVA and is acted brilliantly by Alicia Vikander. with a great cast, a great idea and a totaly mind boggling plot (if you thing about the ethics in this movie). for the whole movie you are convinced that AVA has feelings, Nathan is screwed up in the head and doesnt have his facts strait, and Caleb is doing all the right things. with a totaly suprising ending, that even i (the film freak that i am) did not see coming.


there are only two problems in this whole film as far as i know. one is that at the end when AVA puts on the skin of the other, “dead” AI it actually fits her. the other is that it goes back together seemlessly after being ripped apart.


i am definately giving this a 20/20


i am sorry but my iPad is getting really screwed up so i will just put in some recomended searches:

ex_machina trailer

more human than human: the making of ex_machina’s robot


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