the love punch



if you are looking for a quality film this may not be the film for you but if you are looking for a mindless, slightly romantic comedy (or just a great family movie) then this is it. with a great cast made up of Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Spall, and Celia Imrie, this movie is just great. it is about a divorced couple (Emma Thompson, and Pierce Brosnan) who basically have thier (and thier childrens’) pensions stolen by a young buisnessman who bought their company and ran it into the ground. they call upon their freinds to help them steal a diamond thats worth £1,000,000 from the buisnessmans girlfreind on his wedding day. they then embark on an adventure, dressing up as Texans, scuba diving, mountain climing all the way to get this diamond.


this is a comedy, if there were any mistakes either they were supposed to be there or i just didnt pick up on them.


while this was not a technicaly outstanding movie, i will still give it a 17/20


just watch the trailer, there is no honest trailer, cinema sins, or good reviews of this.


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