Jurassic World



This was a pretty spectacular 4th/2nd installment to the jurassic park legacy (the producers basically said that the 2nd and 3rd didn’t happen and wouldn’t “contribute to the storyline and background”) .Directed by Collin Trevorrow, this visual masterpeice lives up to its predecessor (pun) and even puts in some little (or rather big as one of them turns out to be) easter eggs. my favourite tweet that lead up to this movie was this: “the real monsters in this movie are the parents that sent their kids away in order to sort out their devorce that they have kept secret”. Starring Chris Pratt as Owen (a raptor trainer) and Bryce Dallas-Howard as Clair (the cheif director of the jurassic world theme park), it racks up quite the cast. They are also proud to anounce that these two actors have signed up for jurassic world 2 already.


This movie is a great entertainment movie, but it is hardly a Nolan movie in the way of plot.

Gray (Ty Simpkins) and his brother (Nick Robinson) are on a trip to jurassic world, (the new-and “safer”-jurassic park) and are given a VIP pass because their aunt (Bryce Dallas-Howard) is the cheif director there. Meanwhile, the scientists at the genetic research facility have made a new dinosaur in order to “up the wow factor” and called it the indominous rex. It is faster, bigger and more intelligent than the t-rex. It was designed to “scare the parents”. the indominous rex then breaks out of its containment (surprise surprise) and the animal control team are forced to hire Owen (Chris Pratt) to use his raptor-training skills to catch it. To avoid spoiling it i will not elaborate on what happens next but it is and amazing film and i would definitely recommend it to anyone.


There are only really two main problems with this movie: one is the fact thatthe divorce between the parents was only ever mentioned in one scene and had literally no affect on the movie whatsoever. a divorce (or oncoming one) would seriously affect a childs actions and behaviour. the other problem is that the scientists would probably make the dinosaur stupid and a herbivore.


Artistic Impression:🌟🌟🌟




i am terribly sorry but my hyperlinking is still pretty messed up so i will just recommend some things to typr into google:

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