Focus is mostly known as either Will Smith’s new film or “the one where Margot Robbie acts a watch thief”. It kind of disapeared from the cinema the day after it came out and nobody ever watched it. Anyway, I watched on the long plane trip from Australia to England so I cant really talk about its artistic element but even on the tiny, bad quality screen but it looked like it could be a visual masterpiece if it was in high definition. This is an amazing peice of filmography with Will Smith and Margott Robbie doing a great job of acting very layered and complicated characters. Directed and written by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra this film has an amazing cast. One of the best actors was possibly Adrian Martinez (as Nicky’s freind Farhad).


at the beginning of this movie, we follow Nicky (Will Smith) and Jess (Margot Robbie) as Jess tries to get into a criminal organisation that is lead by Nicky. After Jess gets into the group/organisationshe spends some time getting to know both the basics of robbery and the people (such as Farhad (Adrian Martinez)).  After she helps Nicky pull off one of his $5,000,000 bets, she is suddenly left to her own devices, and has no from Nicky and co.

Three years later, Nicky is trying to sell a fake racing car to a dealer for $3,000,000 when he sees that Jess is the seller’s girlfreind. there is then an elaborate plan to sell the real car, double cross the seller, and still get the money. This leads both Nicky and Jess on an emotional and confusing adventure.


There are no problems with this movie apart from the fact that Nicky and his organisation would not get rid their best “watch picker” when she is generating a huge amount of income for them.


i give this a 17.5/20



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