Man from U.N.C.L.E.


This was a very accurate representation of the original TV show. Some people would even say it was better. While it was tuned to modern audiences, it also kept the original, cold-war feel. With amazing casting including Henry Cavill (superman), Armie Hammer, Alicia Vickander (testament of youth), and Hugh Grant (obvious). With some fairly good humour without it being a humour.


When an american spy (code named solo) is ordered to rescue and question a young car enginier about her  ‘dead’ father, he comes across a rather incredible, badass russian agent that works for the KGB. This leads them on a breif chase. Once Solo and his car enginier have escaped the russian agent they cross the Berlin wall and hide out for the night.

The next day, when Solo has to have a meeting with his superiors he finds out that he has to work with the russian. They must infiltrate a ‘satellite factory’ that actually is the main reaserch base for better, faster, more powerful nuclear bombs. They then succeed and are betrade, reunited, injured, double crossed and told to kill each other. But do not worry, this all does have a happy ending and there will most definitely be a sequel.


This is supposed to be a bit OTT so that was all OK. However i did not like how hard-hitting Solo was to his future work-partner when they discovered they would have to work with each other.


20/20 for casting, 18/20 for plot, 20/20 for gendre equality (not sexualising Alicia Vickander’s character) an overall 18.5/20



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