Everest (movie)


Realistic acting, good casting, and amazing directing (by Baltasar Kormákur), this film is gritty, hard hitting, and, to top it all off, a true story. With a happy beginning (apart from if you know what the film is about) and a happy middle bit (when they get to the top) and no other happy bits, this film leaves you awestruck, vowed never to climb everest, and sad. With an amazing cast (Jake Gynenhaal, Kiera Knightley, Jason Clark, Emily Watson, and Sam Worthington) this movie is an artistic masterpeice.


It’s actually a fairly basic plot, but you can look it up in more detail on the second link in the PANDA section: People try to get other people up Everest on a commercial scale, there is a storm and, SPOILER ALERT, many people die.


Apart from the fact that it is a movie about people dying, this had no problems (apart from the weird scene with Kiera Knightly’s character crying- too much snot for Imax 3d for me thank you very much).


I am going to give two sets of points for this:

Film as an art: 20/20

Film for fun and amusement: 7/20





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