Generation War (TV show)


As today is the end of Octoberfest, I am doing a sort of blog cooperation with my fellow blogger Xyllas. Me and Xillas are good freinds IRL and have decided to do this co-op because we actually learn German together. I am doing a report on one of germany’s (disputably) best screen debuts that has actually made it out of Germany. Germany is an amazing place, with an amazing (if slightly odd) language that both me and Xillas are learning.


This completely German produced TV show/miniseries depicts the other side of the war and how the german soldiers were not all evil nazis that enjoyed carrying out orders. When most people think of the war, they think of all of the European and American casualties and all of the tortue and the mass-geneside of the jews, but this TV show really proves that the war was horrible for everyone, even the Germans. With some of the best music from a tv show for a while (not including theme tunes), composed by Fabian Römer, this show is immersive, hard hitting and educational. The whole thing was thoroughly reaserched and carried out. Almos all of the speech is in German apart from the parts that would have been in English in real life. The great dialog (screenplay by Stefan Kolditz) and acting by complete unknowns really gets you rooting from all of the characters. It also shows how the war not only killed many people, but also changed them in unbeleivable ways.


Generation war follows the story of five freinds, and how they survived (or didn’t survive) the war. Starring Ludwig Trepte as a jew that is caught, escapes, beaten, torchured and eventually helped by the German resistance. Katharina Schüttler stars as Victor Goldstein’s (Trepte) lover at the beginning and throughout the TV show. She basically has to sell herself as a prostitute to save Victor and get him over the border and then becomes pregnant and is imprisoned. Volker Bruch and Tom Schillig act two brothers that are seperated, brought together and changed by war completely. Last but not least, Miriam Stein acts a German war nurse who is utterly in love with Freidhelm (Schillig) but cannot do anithing about it until he turns up at her hospital with a bullet through the chest. With each of the four episodes about 40-50 minutes each, it is two movies worth of heart renching, high octane thriller. A must watch for everyone.


None. None at all.


20/20. acurate and also teaches people that all german were not Nazis.




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