The Martian (Movie)


I recently did a review on the book (by Andy Weir) that this film was based on. This movie is more of an adaptation than simply based off the book. It is precise even to most of the lines and events. I loved this film and am glad that they kept so close to the book. Matt Damon was, as usual, spectacular in this artistic wonder. I would definitely recommend it to anybody, even if you do not usually like sci-fi.


When a team of astronauts are sent to Mars, there is a large storm on the planet’s surface and they are forced to abort and leave Mars. During the storm, team botanist and comedian, Mark Watney is hit with a satelite dish. The rest of his team beleive him to be dead and are forced to leave him on the red planet. When Marc Watney wakes up, he is left with one rover, some potatoes, and a Hab designed to last 31 days. He must survive four years, but nut none of this matters if he cannot get in contact with NASA.


This film was easy to find problems with because it is an adaption of a book. Apart from in one of the sequences at the end when he punctures a hole in the hand of his suit and does an ‘iron man’, it is only specific lines that I missed. Some of my favourite line from the book were not in it but those were just a matter of opinion (they may have been a bit politically incorrect now).


I am actually going to change my rating system so that it is done by stars, a score out of five stars for enjoyment, artistic impression, and an overall star rating. 🌟= 1 star, ⭐️= 1/2 star.


Artistic impression=🌟🌟🌟🌟





If you liked this movie or post, checkout the book that the movie was based off:


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