The Watchmen (Movie)



While a little bit on the gory side, this film has some great acting, directing, and filmography. Even if you don’t know who Zach Snyder is, you can still tell that it is directed by the same guy that did 300. He used all of the same filters but did not add in any of his usual weird Zach Snyder nonsense. It stuck so amazingly to the graphic novel, that it even uses camera angles from it.


this is the basic superhero movie, where it shows their backstory/ies and then there is an evil megliamaniac that blows up stuff and frames someone else. The team consists of Nite Owl/Daniel Dreiberg (Patrick Wilson), Dr. Manhatten/John Osterman (Billy Crudup), Rorschach/Walter Kovacs (Jackie Earl Haley), Silk Spectre/Laurie Juspeczyk (Malin Åkerman), and The Comedian/Eddie Blake (Jeffery Morgan).


Disgustingly gory but in a comic book style.





If you liked this movie or post check out the graphic novel that the movie was based off: The Watchmen


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