Back to the future: Part II (movie)


 TODAY IS THE ONLY EVER, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, ONE AND ONLY, BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY. When Marty McFly and ‘Doc’ go forward in time, they go to this day: 21st October 2015.


This is one of the Sci-fi classics that everyone should watch. If you have not, stop reading this and go and watch it. Great acting, plot, humour, action and, of course, directing.


If you had done what i said and gone to watch it, than i should not have to do this, but for some people i will do it anyway: At the end of the first film, Doc says to Marty that they must go into the future to do something about their kids. The beginning of this film starts with Marty and Doc arriving on the 21st of October 2015. They then must stop Marty’s son from committing a crime and going to jail. Biff (also at the end of the last movie), sees the delorian. and when, in the furure, old biff sees it again and a sporting anual from the future that Marty had bought, he goes back in time, gives the young Biff the anuall and Biff then basically rules the whole city. Marty and doc then have to go back in time to stop this from happening. Marty then gets stuck back in time and that is where the movie ends.


If I actually say anithing here, I will get insulted and probably have a debate on my hands.




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