Alien (movie)

OoooOoooooOoooOooOoO! Spooooky! It is Halloween today, and as you may have guessed I am doing another co-op with Xyllas. She is doing a post on her problems with horror and Halloween. I am not a huge fan of scary movies, I have to watch good ones. Xyllas wanted me to watch something like the conjuring or saw but I think the chop-’em-up horrors aren’t even scary and are just disgusting, I think the movies that are more of a psychological fear are much better and much scarier. This is the reason that I have done Alien. I guess it is the closest to a chop-’em-up that I will willingly do a post on.

One of the most groundbreaking horror movies of all time, this Sigourney Weaver starter is both terrifying and awesome. When this came out, it was a bit of a risk because all of the previous sci-fi-horror movies were kinda bad. One of the things about this movie that was surprising, was the special effects (though most of the effects were practical) and how realistic and alive the face-hugger looks. While being one of the most intense and terrifying sci-fi movies of all time, the problem is mostly resolved at the end. Mostly.


When a ship containing some cargo and seven crew members receives a distress signal from an uncharted planet, the crew can’t help but attempt to help whoever may be at the other end of the signal. When three of the crewmembers go searching for the source of the distress signal they stumble upon a very odd, giant ship. They go exploring. One of the crewmembers then stumbles upon a batch of strange eggs. He looks into one and a rather large being grabs hold of his face and attaches itself to him. While the face hugger is planting an embryo in the crew member’s stomach, the rest of the crew are trying to figure out what it is, take it off his face, and figure out what the problem is with their ship. They then discover that one of the crew is an android/synthezoid and is trying to sabotage the mission. Finally, the face hugger falls off the crewmembers face and they think it is over. They couldn’t be more wrong.


There is an alien on their ship. Kinda a big problem.


Artistic impression:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Overall: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟






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