Mad Max: Fury Road


Having been a fan of the original Mad Maxes for a long time, this film lived up to my expectations and did not disappoint. The cars especially were very well designed and almost nostalgic. This film was not only an awesome film, but had great art and a non-sexualised, badass, feminist, protagonist (obviously apart from our one and only Max Rockatanski). The music in this sequel is subtle must actually pretty amazing if you look out for it. I cannot talk about this film without talking about the scenery. While not Australian (they could not film in Australia this time because there had been floods and the desert was no longer as deserts).


This film follows our familiar-but-different protagonist, Max Rockatanski (Tom Hardy) as he gets captured by the war boys of the citadel. Still haunted by the souls he failed to save (mostly Glory the Child), Max is used as a ‘blood-back’ for you war boy Nux (Nicholas Hoult). When Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) runs away with Imortan Joe’s (Hugh Keays-Byrne) prize breaders, Max (as in the trailer) is strapped to the front of Nux’s car as the citadel war boys chase after her. They then go through a sandstorm before Max eventually gets free and helps Furiosa get to the ‘green place’ and save the breaders. SPOILER ALERT. When they get to where the green place should be, it has become a swamp and the enhabitants have been forced to leave. They must then turn back (in a very thunder dome-esque way) and try to raid the citadel and set everyone free of Imortan Joe’s evil rule.


Apart from the point that is a problem with all of the mad max quadrilogy (the fact that oil is in grave supply and they still go racing around in cars for the whole movie), there is nothing wrong with this film.


Artistic impression: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟





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