Breaking Bad Season 1 (tv)


Most people don’t want to watch this show because it is about drugs. It is about drugs but it also isn’t about them in a good way. I think that every parent would let their kid watch it (within reason). This show (if you like dark humour) is absolutely hilarious. Having said that, it is also scary, sad, intense and silly. it has some truly amazing acting in from everybody (mainly our to protagonists). Starring Aaron Paul as Jesse and Bryan Cranston as Walter, this is definitely the best show I have watched, almost ever.


This is a TV show, so I am going to try to avoid big spoilers:

When a chemistry teacher, with a disabled kid, an unexpected baby on the way, on a teacher’s salary, gets diagnosed with cancer, he has absolutely no way of getting enough money to support his family. Apart from he does. Produce Meth. This then leads him on a series of adventures with an old student that flunked chemistry. While his brother in law, in the DEA has absolutely no idea.




Artistic impression: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟





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