The Internship (Movie Review)


The internship is a fairly amusing movie with an excellent cast: it stars Vince Vaughn, Dylan O’Brian, Owen Wilson and Josh Brener. It also sports my least favourite actor, Rob Riggle. This movie has some great acting and a great storyline but it somehow didn’t really work.


When two Salesmen (acted by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) get sacked (or layed off, or go broke, I’m not too sure what) they are forced to go on a job hunt. One of them then gets the idea that if they get an internship at google, then it may or may not lead to a job. they then enbark on an emotional, mental and physical adventure. they have to get into the top 96%of interns in order to get a job.


It didn’t have any problems as such as it just wasn’t a great overall movie. The ending was also amazingly cheesy.





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