Death Note (Anime)


It’s a Christmas post so I will introduce a new category: Anime

Some things you should know before reading this post:
A deathnote is a book that if you write someone’s name in it while mentally picturing their face, they will die. They will die in 60 seconds of a heart attack unless a time and cause of death are written. The Shinigami that originally owned the notebook is effectively attached to the human owner of the deathnote and must follow them everywhere they go. As soon as any human touches the notebook, they will be able to see the Shinigami.


This is actually my first anime series so that is why I did not put ‘Anime’ in the description of this blog. I really loved the beginning series so I was a bit disappointed at both episodes 25 and 37. While the animation style is nice and simple (and sticks to the original manga), it is an aesthetically pleasing and impressive series. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


When a shinigami (death God) drops his death note into the human realm because he was bored, an unassuming schoolboy named Light Yagami picks it up. He decides that it is probably just a prank but decides to test it on a criminal just to make sure. The first person that he tries it on dies of a heart attack on live TV just 60 seconds after his name is written in the note book. Light kind of freaks out about this and thinks that it is probably just coincidence, so he tries it again. The criminal dies of a heart attack 60 seconds after having his name written. Light then goes on to do ‘good’ with this notebook by killing criminals with it. When L, the master detective is assigned to deal with the case of Kira (the name that the public have given the anonymous killer), an incredibly complicated, intricate, and ridiculously clever train of events starts. Kira wants a new world. L wants to put away a mass murderer. Thus starts an epic battle.


None. Apart from the ending and episode 25 (but that is really just my opinion)


Artistic Impression:🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️




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