The Intern (movie)



I don’t do many reviews on comedy movies, let alone good reviews so I hope this will change the pattern. This movie holds an excellent cast of Robert DeNiro, Anne Hathaway, and Andrew Rannells. This feel-good film, made lots of good laughs and did not have too cheesy (if a bit) of an ending.


When seventy-year-old Ben (Robert DeNiro) gets bored and notices a senior intern opening at ‘About the Fit’, an online shopping company, he becomes personal intern to Jules. Jules started the whole company from her kitchen table nine months previously and now it has 237 employees. Ben does as much as he can to make Jules’ life easier, but when he comes across something in her private life, they become best friends.


Nothing here.


Artistic impression:🌟🌟🌟🌟






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