The Revenant (Movie)


Another amazing performance from Leonardo DiCaprio for which he will probably not earn an Oscar, and an equally good performance from Tom Hardy, Will Poulter (whose eyebrows were not too distracting), and Domnhall Gleeson. An extremely artistic film that was actually rather stressful to watch, this movie has some interesting tactics used by the camera (which were very effective)-such as the opening scene that was shot in one roll-, and awefully realistic gore.


When fur-gatherer and hunter, Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) has a disagreement with fellow gatherer Fitzgerald (Hardy) over his past, he leaves the group -including his son- shoot a bear and get it’s fur. This all goes horribly wrong and the bear mauls Glass and leaves him almost dead. When the group find him, they must leave him with three other members of the group to keep him safe Fitzgerald, Bridger (Poulter), and Glass’ son stay behind. Fitzgerald kills Glass’ son in front of him and convinces Bridger that they must escape a native raid and leave Glass for dead. Glass now must take revenge on his son’s murderer.


There were several minor problems such as when Glass goes in the river to escape from the natives, he comes out and is dry within minutes (he would have also got hypothermia and drowned in the waterfall. In the scene where he falls off a cliff, he would have died but he did not, when he guts and sleeps in the horse, the fire doesn’t go out, and his clothes are not covered in snow or wet (even though they were left outside)


Artistic Impression:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟





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