Breaking Bad: Seasons 2-5 (TV Show Review)


This started out as a reasonably funny (in a dark way) show but around season three it took a very dark turn. To be honest I did not enjoy the last season because it was too dark, but I really needed to know what happened to the characters. With a body count of 271 purely because one guy couldn’t pay his medical bills. If you are complaining about NHS or thinking about doing drugs, watch this show. Starring the incredibly talented Aaron Paul (M:I-3, Need for Speed) and Bryan Cranston (Trumbo, Malcom in the Middle), Β this is one of the most creatively made, and incredible shows yet.


When Walter and Jesse get a new job, all is going smoothly and well until Walter decides he wants more and their employer decides he won’t trust a junky.


The DEA (SPOILER ALERT) should have paid for Hank’s medical bills. Also in ‘say my name’, Mike wouldn’t have trusted Walt to take his bag and would have gotten Saul’s guys to do it. (SPOILERS ARE OVER)


Artistic Impression: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟






RJ Mitte (actor of Flynn/Walter Junior) actually does have cerebral palsy.

Bryan Cranston has a Breaking Bad tattoo on his ring finger.

In the Walking Dead, it is implied that Jesse is Merle Dixon’s drug dealer.

Walt’s lawyer is called Saul Goodman (sounds like it’s all good, man)

Jesse says ‘Bitch’ 54 times in the series.

Check out my review of the first seasonΒ or season one of The Walking Dead. I also have a review of seasons 2-6 of The Walking Dead, that also includes a ‘who died detective’ on the season 6 finale.


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