The Walking Dead Seasons 2-6 (TV Show Review) + Who Died


This is my favourite TV show. Season 2 was not that great but just the first three episodes of season 3 certainly make up for it. I actually even finished six seasons in six weeks. Starring Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Wuthering Hights), and Norman Reedus (Triple Nine, Blade II), this makes you realise that maybe a zombie-apocalypse starting in your home town wouldn’t be as fun and interesting as you thought. Especially with rescent events (the S6 finale sending tumblr wild), I though I should probably do a review.


From a farm, to a prison, our favourite zombie-killers take haven anywhere and everywhere. They take down Zombies and come across people who are just plain bad (‘cough’ Negan ‘cough’). They learn that sometimes the apocalypse changes people and you are no longer able to trust anyone.


Who mows the grass? Why has Glenn only got an almost-moustache? Why has nobody found tree houses?


Artistic Impression: 🌟🌟🌟⭐️






1)The production designer is called Grace Walker.

2)There is a 2.8 million dollar budget per episode.

3)The type of cross bow that Daryl uses is a Horton Scout HD 125.

4)Jonny Depp cameos as a walker head in season 6.

5)Norman Reedus is the only person alowed to take pictures on set.

If you liked this check out my review of the first season or breaking bad season 1.

I have avoided spoilers so far but from now on there will be spoilers (sorry).


OK. So unless you have watched the season six finale, you should not be reading this. Now we know that Negan kills a character of our main crew. The members on the scene are (from left to right) Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene.

We know that because Negan threatens to feed Carl’s eye to Rick if anybody moves, Carl and Rick are safe. We also know that (because show runner Scott Gimple says we will find out why Maggie is so sick) Maggie is safe. I also doubt that is Lucille met Michonne, Rick would just let it happen.

This leaves Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, and Eugene.

Now, when Negan says to cut out Carl’s eye, he points to his right, but he could just be pointing at who he wants to do it. We know that Putlocker subtitles suggest that Glenn says ‘Magg-‘ but Amazon Prime subs don’t. I don’t know about you but I trust Amazon prime more. We know that the show won’t kill off Daryl (though killing off favourites has never been a problem before) because not only will his fan girls riot but he is the shows token character for making the plot somehow work (he can do anything because he is not in the comics).

We know that not only does Glenn get it in the comics, but this is practically an incarnation of them:

That and the added fact that Steven Yeun has signed up for ‘Mayhem’ (which will shoot at the same time as season seven) does not bode well for fan-favourite, Glenn.

Evidence against this is that Negans shadow is to the left of Rick’s face, suggesting either Sasha, Aaron, or Eugene. I think that it was just a bit too coincidental for Eugene to tell Rick how to make bullets if he’s just gonna go and survive long enough to do it himself.

Judging from the picture below from the season 7 trailer the side of the face of the person looking away looks suspiciously like Aaron (as well as the fact that they would probably not kill of the only gay character in the show soon after he is introduce).

If Sasha or Rosita got the bat, I think that Abraham would have done something radical, and we would know. Rosita’s character is barely developed and therefore wouldn’t have a big impact on the group (which is definitely what the writers are going for.

This takes us down to Glenn, Abraham, and Eugene.

Glenn is the most likely candidate (thanks to the comics), but judging by how many steps Negan takes, he is reasonably safe. This leaves Eugene and Abraham (and still possibly Glenn). Both equally as likely and important to the group. Just because Abraham showed his feelings toward Sasha earlier in the episode (and that’s how these things work) he could get the wrath of Lucille. This is added to by the steely look he gives Negan earlier. Eugene is a reasonable candidate, but I think that not only has his relationship with Rosita only just started being interesting (so he wouldn’t have that big of an impact on the group), but Negan said he would pick the very best of them (he would not think much of Eugene). Also, there is a video on YouTube by ‘Skaykone’ that is titled ‘How Negan killed Glenn and you didn’t even see it’ that has been taken down by AMC.

Another reason, if that was not enough to cancel out both Eugene or Daryl, this should be:


this show that both Daryl and Eugene come back for season seven after Daryl’s shot wound has had some medical attention.

Therefor I vote Abraham or Glenn! (Probably Glenn)


During this panel at comic con international Jeffry Dean-Morgan revealed that Glenn does not die.

This leaves it to Abraham as the one to meet Lucile.

If you need even more proof, during the montage of each character in the season 7 trailer there is a very manly-sounding scream which is possibly from the execution and sounds very much like Abraham.

Is Maggie ill because her baby has died and become a walker inside of her (it does look a lot like the illness)?



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