Denial (Movie Review)


Though thought provoking and very well made, Denial is unfortunately mediocre. Starring Rachel Weisz (The Lobster, Constantine), Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Skyfall), and Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Taboo), this movie brings a talented cast together with an inexperienced director who is very new to the big screen. Without brilliant music or even mediocre filming style, Denial relies purely on the plot. Though a very interesting story, it is not enough to carry a film on its own. I am afraid to say that I would like to say that I enjoyed this film more than I really did. While I would recommend it to anyone who likes true stories or is interested in the subject matter, it is definitely not worth a rewatch.


Denial follows the true story of a court case in 1996 between Deborah Lipstadt, a Holocaust historian, and David Irving, the infamous Holocaust denier.


In one scene, the Millennium Bridge can be seen in the city scape of London. This bridge was not yet built at the time.


Artistic Impression: šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸā­

Enjoyment: šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸā­

Overall: šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸā­


1) All the dialogue in the courtroom scenes is taken verbatim from the trial records.

2) The internal court scenes were filmed at County Hall in Kingston Upon Thames England. There is a recreation of the Old Bailey court there which was used as a real court until the early 90’s and now is used solely for film and TV work.

3) Second movie of 2016 with Rachel Weisz and Caren Pistorius after The Light Between Oceans.

4) Twice in the movie Deborah Lipstadt is shown out jogging in London whereupon she stops to gaze upon the statue of “Boadicea and Her Daughters” on Westminster Pier. Boadicea was famous as a warrior queen who led an unsuccessful uprising against the Romans.




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